Speed AR

Augmented Reality Services

Production, Development & Design of Augmented Reality Applications for AR headsets & Handheld Devices

SpeedAR – We provide development, production and rental services, specialising in the latest Augmented Reality technologies and volumetric filming technology. We offer a wide range of augmented reality equipment hire, live mesh video capture, interactive AR app design & augmented reality development services for handheld mobile and wearable AR augmented reality devices.

Augmented Reality Design

Custom depth and model design for every project

Volumetric Capture

Volumetric capture of live action models and humans for use in AR & VR applications

AR App Development

Development of interactive Augmented Reality applications for AR HMD headsets and handheld mobile devices

Modelling & 3D Animation

Fully modelled 3D objects & animation design

AR Equipment Hire

Hire and rental of the latest in Augmented Reality equipment hire including Magic Leap and Hololens


Mesh modelling using the latest photogrammetric technologies

Augmented Reality Services

Volumetric Capture

We capture short sequences of action and process them into fully-realised 3D meshed models.

Mobile Devices AR

Working with iOS and Android platforms, we deliver augmented reality apps across a series of devices.

Wearable Augmented Reality

Integrated experiences using the latest Augmented Reality wearable technologies including HMDs.

Delivering Ideas With The Latest Technologies

Located West of London, SpeedAR offers a range of augmented virtual reality development services from AR interactive applications, 3D AR animations, and fully-realised volumetric video capture. Our workflow consultants can manage the digital elements of your project from initial discussion through to delivery event or format. We’re well versed in giving great advice on how to make the most of this cutting-edge new format. We offer a range of augmented reality headset hire and AR volumetric equipment, including Magic Leap Hire, coupled with an extensive knowledge of 3D modelling and animation for realising unique virtual reality-led workflow solutions. Our bespoke service is flexible and focused on producing best quality on schedule and on budget.